Arka inventory & Salesforce

Gives you visibility in to your costs & margins.

Arka inventory is a natural add on application with Salesforce  & Salesforce CPQ. You can quote better, if you understand your costs better. Arka helps you take right pricing decisions based on accurate product cost information.

Arka inventory readily connects with QuickBooks Online, Xero and many other business accounting applications and automatically brings product cost & inventory information in to Salesforce.

Benefits of using Arka inventory with Salesforce:

  1. Automatically gets product cost data from your accounting system
  2. Gets product component structure from production design software like Auto CAD
  3. You will have accurate cost information before you quote
  4. Allows you to manage inventories on Salesforce
  5. All happens without any manual entries
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Visibility in to profits & margins

One of the use case where Arka is used along with Salesforce is to get visibility in to costs & margins at the granular level of opportunity, product, customer, order and even at invoice levels.

Product inventory levels

Arka manages product inventory data based on goods received and issued taken automatically from purchase and sales records from the accounting system.

This will help your sales team get visibility to inventories right on Salesforce

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Product dynamic pricing

Salesforce CPQ offers feature to dynamically price products based on cost plus margin configuration.

With Arka, you can make it even more dynamic by automating the process of updating cost of products directly from Arka without any manual entries.

Landed cost

Arka inventory allows you to allocate additional costs like transportation, duties & taxes, loading & unloading  or any other costs to products helping in having accurate landed costs of products.

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Product cost structure

Arka’s built in bill of material feature allows you to record the service & material components of finished goods. Bill of Materials can be entered manually or through a direct integration with design software like Auto CAD. This will help in getting product component structure and get a very clear visibility in to product cost structure.


The advantage Arka brings is getting product cost & inventory information in to Salesforce.

There are multiple use cases where this information can be used in Salesforce to increase visibility, boost profits and to reduce costs.

Many such customisations based on specific business needs can be built around Arka inventory & Salesforce.

Arka’s in house team of engineers could help in building customisations around Arka at a very reasonable pricing.



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Arka inventory is a costing & inventory management solution built on cloud. It helps you better understand product costs, get better visibility & control over inventories, efficiently manage production and to take right purchase & pricing decision

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