Product Profit & Margin

knowCOST gets product purchase & sales information from books of accounts and then calculates the cost of goods based on moving average price .

When products are sold, accurate cost of goods sold is calculated for every sale and you will get a very clear visibility to profits & margins at all levels like product, customer, order, period or locations.


Bill of Material

knowCOST helps you setup bill of materials with ease. A customised integration can also be built to production applications like Auto CAD to bring bill of materials directly to knowCOST without any manual entries. Once a bill of material is set up, productions can be automatically recorded against the sales.



Product Cost Structure

With the bill of material feature, materials purchased can be combined together to create finished goods or sub-assemblies. Costs like labour, loading & unloading or any other service costs can also be allocated to the materials.

knowCOST gives you accurate product cost structure based on the production data. 


Production Planning & Management

knowCOST production order feature helps to track progress of production by setting up production orders and updating the status. 

It brings beautiful team co-ordination features like chatter, tasks, work flows and approval processes all of which can be utilised to boost your team productivity.



Landed Cost

With knowCOST you can allocate service costs like transportation duties etc to materials by easy simple entries.


Multi Location Inventory Control

knowCOST allows you to set any number of warehouses and it also facilitates recording goods movement among the different warehouses

It gives you robust control over your inventories across the locations that you operate.



Purchase Planning

knowCOST gives you consolidated view of required and available material stock.

This will help you plan and time your purchases to optimise the inventory carrying costs and to avoid product stock outs & production delays.


Analytics platform with advanced reports & dashboards

Since knowCOST is on Salesforce platform, it brings awesome capabilities of the Salesforce platform in creating any reports by just dragging and dropping the fields needed.

You can easily build beautiful dashboards & reports giving deep insights in to the business.



Customer specific customisations

Arka knowCOST is very agile and dynamic application which can also be customised as per the specific needs of the organisation.

Our in-house development team will carry out such customisations and deploy only to your organisation