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Arka Features

Production Management

  • Create production orders for make to stock or make to order
  • Request for materials through material requisition
  • Track progress of production through status
  • Calculate accurate cost of production
  • Traceability through batch & serial tracking
Production Management
Purchase Management

Purchase Management

Inventory Control

  • Location-wise Inventory control
  • Barcode compatibility
  • Stock transfers for inter location/departmental stock movement
  •  Special-built feature for tracking Inventory with job workers
  • Inventory cycle count feature
Inventory Control

Sales & Fulfilment

Approval Process

  • Send records like material requisitions, purchase orders etc for senior manager’s approval if necessary, Concerned person’s will be notified of the pending records for approval through email, Record freezes for further edits once approved with detailed digital log of approval date, time etc.

Customisable Reports

  • Arka is built on most agile cloud platform of Salesforce 
  • Arka comes with more than 50 built in reports
  • Additional customised reports or dashboards can be built with just drag drop

Finance & Accounting


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