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Arka is an inventory, purchase & cost management tool built on Salesforce

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Why Arka?

Why you need inventory management on Salesforce?

Integrating sales with inventory management operations presents a highly effective strategy to elevate organizational efficiency. By attaining enhanced visibility into inventory levels, sales representatives can offer customers more accurate promises, a vital aspect in nurturing positive customer relationships. Furthermore, the real-time integration of sales data with operations empowers businesses to optimize procurement, production, and other back office functions, ultimately leading to superior customer experiences. 

With Arka’s cutting-edge capabilities, businesses can seamlessly align their sales and forecasts with crucial back office operations like purchasing, production, and warehousing, thereby significantly enhancing efficiency across the entire organization. Arka’s advanced features enable businesses to streamline processes, reduce bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions, resulting in improved resource utilization and enhanced customer satisfaction. By leveraging Arka, companies can achieve better operational synchronization, resulting in optimized inventory management, reduced stockouts, and enhanced productivity throughout the supply chain.


Arka Inventory for Salesforce CPQ

Arka inventory goes beyond providing real-time visibility and introduces a range of advanced features to further streamline and optimize the sales process within Salesforce CPQ. These features include the integration of bills of materials, kitting capabilities, and material requisition planning. By leveraging these capabilities, users can seamlessly manage complex product configurations, assemble kits of components, and effectively plan material requisitions, all within the Salesforce CPQ environment. 

The integration of Arka inventory with Salesforce CPQ empowers businesses to deliver superior sales experiences by ensuring that quotes are based on up-to-date and accurate inventory information. The advanced features offered by Arka inventory simplify and expedite the sales process, enabling users to handle intricate product configurations with ease and precision. As a result, businesses can enhance their efficiency, streamline their operations, and ultimately drive revenue growth.


Arka Inventory for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

With Arka, businesses can now benefit from advanced inventory management capabilities such as multi-location inventory tracking, back order creation, kitting, and warehouse management, all of which complement Salesforce Commerce Cloud and enable it to function as a comprehensive, all-in-one suite.

Arka Pricing

Premium Plan

Premium Plan

USD $139/ 2 nos


USD $49/ month

Inventory Module
Inventory & Production Module
All modules
Unlimited Warehouses
Customizable Reports
Customer Specific Customisation
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What our clients have to say

Arka is trusted by businesses worldwide, both large and small, to improve their operational efficiency and drive customer success.

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Arka Inventory is a comprehensive solution designed for effective inventory, purchase, warehouse & cost management purposes.
Arka Inventory is a comprehensive solution designed for effective inventory, purchase, warehouse & cost management purposes.

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